Playing with the new PHP5.4 features

PHP5.4 it’s close and it’s time to start playing with the new cool features. I’ve created a new Virtual Machine to play with the new features available within PHP5.4. I wrote a post with the most exciting features (at least for me) when I saw the feature list in the alpha version. Now the Release Candidate is with us, so it’s the time of start playing with them. I also discover really cool features that I pass over in my first review

Let’s start:

Class member access on instantiation.


class Human
    function __construct($name)
        $this->name = $name;

    public function hello()
        return "Hi " . $this->name;

// old style
$human = new Human("Gonzalo");
echo $human->hello();

// new cool style
echo (new Human("Gonzalo"))->hello();

Short array syntax

$a = [1, 2, 3];

Support for Class::{expr}() syntax

foreach ([new Human("Gonzalo"), new Human("Peter")] as $human) {
    echo $human->{'hello'}();

Indirect method call through array

$f = [new Human("Gonzalo"), 'hello'];
echo $f();

Callable typehint

function hi(callable $f) {

hi([new Human("Gonzalo"), 'hello']);


trait FlyMutant {
    public function fly() {
        return 'I can fly!';

class Mutant extends Human {
    use FlyMutant;

$mutant = new Mutant("Storm");
echo $mutant->fly();

Array dereferencing support

function data() {
    return ['name' => 'Gonzalo', 'surname' => 'Ayuso'];

echo data()['name'];

IDEs don’t support (yet) those features. That’s means IDEs will mark those new features as syntax errors but I hope that they will support them soon.
More info here

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  1. $a = [1, 2, 3];

    What would the return from “Callable typehint” be?
    Gonzalohello or Gonzalo ERROR ?

    • Ohh, didnt see the
      [ ] 🙂

      What would
      function hi(callable $f) { $f(); }

      hi([new Human(), ‘hello’, ‘world’]);

      • I’m really excited with the sort syntax of arrays 🙂

        callable typehint allows us to call “callable” things (closures, function names or even indirect method call through array)

        hi([new Human(), ‘hello’, ‘world’]);
        it’s wrong

        array(new Human(), ‘hello’) is a callabel element now (indirect method call through array)

        Maybe you want to do

        function hi(callable $f, $name) { $f($name); }
        hi([new Human(), ‘hello’], ‘world’);

        (I don’t have my VM with PHP5.4 so I cannot check it with a real instalation. I will check it later)

  2. Am I the only one who doesn’t like the “echo (new Human(“Gonzalo”))->hello();” syntax?

    • It would be much better if just
      echo new Human(‘foo’)->hello();

      • echo new Human(‘foo’)->hello();
        sounds good but it has conflicts with Human (function) and Human (class).

        The only viable solution is (new Human(‘foo’))->hello();

      • Well you have the
        echo new Human;
        echo new Human()->foo() = class
        echo Human::static = class
        echo Human() = function

        would be a function which returns a class

        function Human() {
        return new Foo();

      • It would still be ugly oneliner.

      • I understand It can be “ugly” but IMHO is a cool way to avoid write factory methods. Namespace separator also was ugly at the begininig but now I love it.

  3. Nice! I’ve been waiting a long time for “Array dereferencing support” in PHP ( Love the short array syntax too, as well as any other feature that let us write more concise/terse code.

    When will be possible to assign deafult values as in JavasCript ($name = $name || ‘Gonzalo’;)?

  4. Traits look useful. Performance data would be interesting.

  5. I’m still waiting for these:

  6. I’m still waiting for these:

    function is_closure($v) {return is_object($v) and is_callable($v);}

    function is_iteratable($v) {return is_array($v) or is_object($v) and !is_callable($v);}

  7. Very cool indeed. Traits and new arrays are really interesting:)

  8. this is very cool man, i waiting for this …

  9. $a = [1, 2, 3];

    Its throw Error
    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[‘ in D:\xampp\htdocs\joseph\worex\thephp\array\arrayDe.php on line 2

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