Silex service provider for a Gearman wrapper

I’ve written an small wrapper for the gearman api. Normally I use Silex in the frontend. Today we’re going to build a service provider to allow us to integrate the gearman wrapper easily within our Silex applications.

Here I show you an example of how to use the service provider.

Imagine this simple worker:

use G\Gearman\Builder;

$worker = Builder::createWorker();

$worker->on("worker.example", function ($response) {
    return strrev($response);


And this is the Silex application using the service provider as a gearman client:

use G\Gearman\Client;
use G\GearmanServiceProvider;
use Silex\Application;

$app = new Application();

$app->register(new GearmanServiceProvider());

$app->get("/", function (Client $client) {
    return "Hello " . $client->doNormal("worker.example", "Gonzalo");


I’m using injector library to inject providers. I’ve written about it here.

This is the code of the service provider

namespace G;
use G\Gearman\Client;
use G\Gearman\Tasks;
use Injector\InjectorServiceProvider;
use Silex\Application;
use Silex\ServiceProviderInterface;
class GearmanServiceProvider implements ServiceProviderInterface
    private $client;
    public function __construct(\GearmanClient $client = null)
        if (is_null($client)) {
            $client = new \GearmanClient();
        $this->client = $client;
    public function register(Application $app)
        $app->register(new InjectorServiceProvider([
            'G\Gearman\Client' => 'gearmanClient',
            'G\Gearman\Tasks'  => 'gearmanTasks',
        $app['gearmanClient'] = function () use ($app) {
            $client = new Client($this->client);
            $client->onSuccess(function ($response) {
                return $response;
            return $client;
        $app['gearmanTasks'] = function () use ($app) {
            return new Tasks($this->client);
    public function boot(Application $app)

The code is available in my github account

About Gonzalo Ayuso

Web Architect. PHP, Python, Node, Angular, ionic, PostgreSQL, Linux, ... Always learning.

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