About me

Web architect and web developer from San Sebastián, Spain.


Executive formation

  • IT Project Management at ArcelorMittal University (2010-2011)

Work Experience

  • Linkedin
  • For a detailed C.V contact with me at: gonzalo123(at)gmail.com

Technical reviewer

Do you have a book or paper and you need a technical reviewer? I’m an active technical book reader. I also participated in a couple of technical reviews in the past and I really enjoy the experience so much, so I’m open to be a technical reviewer for you.

You can see more or less my skills her but basically my interest are: Back-end technologies, Databases, Linux and also Front-end stuff with JavaScript. My primer languages are PHP, Python and JavaScript. I’m also open to other languages such as Java, Ruby, C# (I enjoy programming. Language is just a tool).

My experiences as a technical reviewer are:

  • CouchDB and PHP Web Development (Packt Publishing) link
  • The Cross Browser Handbook link

You also can find me in: GitHubTwitter and Linkedin.