Book review: Socket.IO Cookbook

Last summer I collaborated as a technical reviewer in the book “Socket.IO Cookbook” written by Tyson Cadenhead and finally I’ve got the book in my hands

I’m a big fan of real time technologies and I’m normally user. Because of that, when people of Packt Publishing contacted me to join to the project as technical reviewer my answer was yes. I’ve got serious problems nowadays to find time to pet projects and extra activities, but if there’re WebSockets inside I cannot resists.

The book is correct and it’s a good starting point to event-based communication with JavaScript. I normally don’t like beginners books (even if I’m a beginner in the technology). I don’t like the books where author explains how to do one thing that I can see how to do it within the website of the. OK. This book isn’t one of those of books. The writer don’t assume reader is a totally newbie. Because of that newbies sometimes can be lost in some chapters, but this exactly the way we all learn new technologies. I like the way Tyson introduces concepts about

The book is focused in JavaScript and also uses JavaScript to the backend (with node). Maybe I miss the integration with non-JavaScript environments, but as is a javascript library I understand that the usage of JavaScript in all application lifecycle is a good approach.


Also those days I was reading and playing a little bit with WebRTC and the book has one chapter about it! #cool