killall firefox-bin

As a web developer firefox is my only choice. I need other browser to test my applications but I can’t live without firebug. I now there are other firebug-clone for other browsers but firebug is the number one.

But normally I have a console ready to type

killall firefox-bin

It’s really cool when one tab of your firefox becomes crazy and all firefox instance dies.Next generation of browsers will solve this problem. But at least now Chrome is not ready under Linux.

What can I do?, Only Cry? 😉


2 thoughts on “killall firefox-bin

  1. Use firefox solely for development/sandboxing, and another browser (Opera comes to mind) for normal internet browsing. After all, every other type of developer runs and tests their code outside of their browser!

    1. That’s exactly what I do. Chrome for browsing and FF for develop. But nowadays there is other important issue. Flash. Flash support, at least with linux, is horrible and doesn’t matter the browser.

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