Talk about Dependency Injection and Dependency Injection Containers at the deSymfony 2013 conference

The last week I attend to deSymfony conference. This year the conference was in Madrid and I collaborate as speaker with a talk about Dependency Injection and Dependency Injection Containers in PHP. It was a great experience. 400 attendees, two tracks, Fabien Potencier’s key-note and a brilliant organization could be one fast summary. We also could enjoy with good talks especially (in my humble opinion) one great talk about Advanced Silex with Javier Egiluz (please Javier write a book about Silex soon 🙂 ). A good place to put the real face to colleagues and to know to the most important people at the PHP/Symfony community in Spain. Nice talks (and beers too) with people from Zaragoza, Extremadura, Valladolid, Valencia, Barcelona, with the people of Symfony-Madrid …

As I said before I participated as speaker with one talk about Dependencies, Containers and SOLID principles. Here you can see the slides of the talk.

The organization will publish soon the video with the talk (in Spanish). And here a couple of pictures of the talk.


2013-06-23 17.20.40

And that’s all. Thanks to the organization, the sponsors and of course to all the people who choose to attend to my talk one saturday at 9:30 AM. Say cheese …



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