Listen to PostgreSQL events with pg_notify and Python

With PostgreSQL we can easily publish and listen events from one connection to another. It’s cool because those notifications belong on a transaction. In this example I’m going to create a wrapper to help me to listen the events with Python.

To notify events I only need to use pg_notify function. For example:

select pg_notify('channel', 'xxx')

To listen the events

import psycopg2

from pg_listener import on_db_event

dsn = f"dbname='gonzalo123' user='username' host='localhost' password='password'"

conn = psycopg2.connect(dsn)

for payload in on_db_event(conn, 'channel'):

The magic resides in on_db_event. We need to pass a psycopg2 connection, and the channel name. We can iterate over the function and retrieve the payload when someone triggers the event on that channel

def on_db_event(conn: connection, channel: str):
    with conn:
        with conn.cursor() as cursor:
            cursor.execute(f"LISTEN {channel};")
  "Waiting for notifications on channel '{channel}'.")

            while True:
                if[conn], [], [], 5) != ([], [], []):
                    while conn.notifies:
                        notify = conn.notifies.pop(0)
                        yield notify.payload

As I often use Django and Django uses one connection wrapper I need to create a native psycopg2 connection. Maybe it’s possible to retrieve it from Django connection (show me if you know how to do it).

def conn_from_django(django_connection):
    db_settings = django_connection.settings_dict
    dsn = f"dbname='{db_settings['NAME']}' " \
          f"user='{db_settings['USER']}' " \
          f"host='{db_settings['HOST']}' " \

    conn = psycopg2.connect(dsn)

    return conn

You can install the library using pip

pip install pglistener-gonzalo123

Source code available in my github


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