Why did this year has passed so swiftly? My 2014 Retrospective.

Today an original post. Maybe I’m the only one doing this, I know. 2014 is close to finish and I want to review how it went the year. Let’s start.

The bad parts:

  • My book about SOLID principles (in Spanish) isn’t released yet. It’s almost finished. It only needs a few reviews, but because one thing or another it looks like it isn’t be released this year. Lesson learned: Those kind of side projects must have a release date. If they haven’t, another side projects can grab our attention and they can be frozen.
  • No new languages learned this year. There was a good chance with Swift. A new language, but it didn’t attract my attention. Erlang books are still in my desk and also my aim to improve my Java skills didn’t success. I found nothing where apply my Java learning.

The good parts:

  • Finally I can say JavaScript is a first class language within my personal software stack. Various projects with JS this year and I feel very comfortable writing JavaScript code. That’s also the year of Angular.js (for me and probably a lot of people).
  • This year has been the year of mobile development for me. I’ve been involved with several projects using Cordova/Phonegap framework. I the beginning to install Cordova environment, compile, deploy the application into the device was something “heroic” but now it turns into trivial operations. I still remember my beginning with jQuery Mobile. Horrible. Then I started using Angular.js and Topcoat. Much better, but still problems when switching between Android and IOs. Finally I re-discover Ionic framework. Incredible project. Hybrid applications with angular.js with very complete toolkit. This year has been crowed by push notifications, camera plugins, barcode scanners, token based authorisations, Websockets and things like that. Now hybrid applications with Phonegap/Cordova live in my comfort zone along with Silex, Angular, PHP… (that’s means I need to find other places outside it)
  • The last part of the year I’ve been working a lot with automation tools: Bower and Grunt mainly. I also started to work with JavaScript testing with Karma and Jasmine
  • This year I’ve been a proud speaker at DeSymfony Day in Barcelona. On incredible weekend. Meeting with colleagues, speaker dinner, great conversations, and tourism in a great city. Definitely the most beautiful room for a conference that I ever been
  • Katayunos The coding dojo where we play with TDD and Pair Programming is still alive. Maybe not as continuous as I’d like, but we still meet together 20-25 people one Saturday morning to improve our programming skill, from time to time
  • My personal blog is still alive too. It’s close to be 5 years old (OK, technically speaking 6, but first year it wasn’t a serious one). More than 20k views per month and sometimes close to 30k (Hey, thank you for reading!)

And that’s all. It was a good year. Hopefully it will be worse than 2015 🙂

See you!


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